A chance but also risk

Expatriate couples do not have exactly the same profile as before, today, the two people who make up the couple have a training, often long, in which they invested themselves, a rich professional experience, the desire to achieve and the desire to maintain their financial independence today and in the future.

For expatriation to be the opportunity imagined by the couple, the spouse who arrives outside the framework of an expatriation contract must find a way to transform the test. Despite the motivation and an experienced profile, the spouse “escort” must appropriate this new environment, find its place and even sometimes define what place he wants to find. Actually, the choice of departure is sometimes motivated by a desire to leave the original schema and thus to redefine one’s professional life.

But succeeding in doing this alone is a real challenge, and it is better not to drag because the expatriate spouse is registered in a defined timing (the duration of his contract). Indeed, 2 or 3 years are quickly passed, if one needs 6 months to install the family, 6 months to define his project, 6 months to implement it (search of employment, creation of company, etc) there will be only 6 months of activity. Many will then drop their arms thinking that it is not worth it, it is better to wait for the next step.

Ironically, it is often at this point that the spouse will be offered an extension of contract (12 months for example). For the spouse “escort”, again, 6 months of implementation for 6 months of activity? In fact, it was 3 long years that could have been used for an impactful, fulfilling experience and a solid stone in the career building of the “accompanying” spouse.

Expatriation is a chance, an opportunity but also a risky course, with many difficulties that require the right support.

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